Blue Butterfly
Major Shifts are occurring in how
healthcare providers, and education,
are set up, how they function;  as well as
their areas and degrees of responsibilities.
The sooner shift are made,
the more productive they will be. 

The most essential and vital resource
of the 21st century is humans.
Historically, only a minimal amount of attention
has been committed to human development,

The challenges which loom in the 21st century
will not be solved by technology and/or knowledge,
but rather by networks of individuals
who become personally stable and integrated;
and then use use the technology and knowledge.

Humanity can no longer afford
to overlook this most underdeveloped resource.
Business, Healthcare, Education will all be involved
in the development of healthy and integrated Individuals.

Areas of Services:

  • Management Presentations of the Future Shifts in Business, Healthcare, Education and Collaboration Based on Existing Precedents.

  • Collaborations to upgrade Companies, Organizations, and Institutions Effectiveness Based Upon Existing Shifts in Societal Systems

  • Contributing to Human Resource Departments: Wellness, SYNCOLLAB (Synergistic Collaboration), and Employee Development, Programs.

butterfly Consulting Services

  • In Person

  •  Internet Based

  • Synchronous

  • Asynchronous                                                   


Consulting Fees

  • Negotiated with Service Chosen

 butterflyConsulting Sessions and Time Periods        

  • Introductory 45-60 minute Session — FREE

  • Minimum 60-90 minute sessions

  • Minimum 4 sessions

For Questions or more information:
email:   info (at) 21st
phone: Toll Free  855-448-8808



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