The 21st century has already seen an increase in collaboration to solve problems and resolve issues.   Collaboration is found in all three closed systems that are opening.  The words “synergy” and “synergistic” are also increasingly being used.  The Institute has formed a program for “synergistic collaboration” – SYNCOLLAB – a process of optimizing the effectiveness and experience of collaborations.   Collaborations will increasingly become the essential tool among individuals, groups, organizations, institutions, and for global relations.  Providing information and training to develop such collaborations will increase humanity’s effectiveness when working together.

The Institute offers consulting services for introducing, developing, and training groups in synergistic collaboration.

 The Age of Life Book has a section on the “what and how” of optimized synergistic collaboration: SYNCOLLAB.

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Development of Consciousness  is a vital factor for the best synergistic collaborations.   Balancing ego consciousness with Holistic consciousness is vital.

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