Blue Butterfly
Holistic Wellness Education and Programs
Will immensely reduce the need of medical attention

 and increase quality of life.

Personal Healthcare is empowering individuals
to be proactive in controllable health conditions.

Medical Care Is the Last Healthcare Effort,
Not the Only.


The Institute is tracking healthcare system developments that are opening this system, especially in the areas of wellness and collaborations.  The existing healthcare systems are increasingly unable to handle both the numbers of people who need healthcare and the cost.  This system must change.  There are hopeful precedents.  These include:

  • Wellness and Personal Healthcare 2.0

  • The technological and personal “tools” for Proactive Wellness and Personal Healthcare

  • CAMs –Complementary and Alternative Medicine Therapies

  • Centers for Integrated Medicine

  • Open Collaborations

  • Healthcare Social Entrepreneurships and Businesses

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To access the whole section on “Opening the System of Healthcare” from the Age of Life Book, that explains more the general opening of closed systems,and about Healthcare in particular:

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To read about the precedents in Business and Education that show strong similarities to the Healthcare precedents,and, how all of this fits into this 21st century Age of Life, please read The Age of Life book:

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