What a waste of what businesses could provide
if they were not based in just accruing of wealth.

What if they were used to provide for

the quality of life for all forms of life
and sustain and preserve the environment? 

What if our livelihood was based on bringing about
Global quality of life and sustainability?

When human consciousness develops
beyond materialism and gratifications
to wellness of being,
business can develop into its greatest potential.
Pheo Rose

The Institute is tracking several changes in business.  The combined shift is referred to as “opening the closed system of business.”  Businesses are taking more social and environmental responsibility and increasing open business models, (which allow for greater collaborations within and between businesses). 

Here are the specific areas being tracked:

  • Corporate Social Responsibility

  • Social (inclusive of all bio and eco systems) Business

  • Social Investing

  • Microfinance

  • Micro Entrepreneurship

  • Open Business Models

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For the more emerging precedents in the 21st century, please read:
The Age of life

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