… leaders have emerged to contribute innovations, inventions, inspiration, and/or ideas, that changed the course of their century; and, also  led humanity into the next century.  We now are beginning this for the 21st time. The leaders who emerge will most likely have an innately more integrative consciousness that perceives interrelatedness and seek collaborations on the basis of valuing this interrelatedness. They will use integrated thought, blending intuitive with intellectual thought.  They  will take on their own life-long education and personal development, recognizing that achievements can be undermined by personal inadequacies.

In 2012 the Mayan Calendar of the past 5,000+ years ended.  The ending of the calendar was indicating the end of that era.  The new era is being identified by this Institute as “The Age of Life.” (Also known as the Age of Aquarius)  A book, Age of Life: 21st Century Vision, has been written by Dr Pheo Martin, Institute Director, showing the basic paradigm change to “open systems,” and the precedents that already can be identified in business, healthcare, and education, sectors.  This book can be read, or downloaded in pdf form for free (click here). For those who would like the book in print, it can be ordered at Our Affiliate Institute,  Replenish Vitality, store (click here). Also, a whole section of this website is being devoted to aspects of this Age of Life (click here). 

Three great challenges for this century that leaders will be taking on are:

1) stabilizing human cultures globally

2) restoring and sustaining the environment

3) developing the most crucial resource of the century — humanity.                                                                                       


This Institute will contribute to 21st Leadership by:

butterflyTracking and Presenting Innovations in
Business, Healthcare, and Education,

butterflyProvide Resources for Those in Leadership


 Offering Consulting Services

that include, but are not limited to:


      Individual and group coaching

 For Business:

  • CSR CSP, Sustainable Development, Sustainability 2.0,
  • Social Business, Social Investing,
  • Micro entrepreneurships, Microfinancing
  • Open Business Models

For Healthcare:

  • Centers for Integrated Medical Centers,
  • CAMs
  • Wellness, Personal Healthcare 2.0
  • Medical Technologies
  • Open Collaborations
  • Healthcare Social Entrepreneurships, and Businesses

For Education:

  • Open Class Structures: Face to Face, Blended, Dual, Internet Based
  • Open Class Curriculum and Pedagogy:  TIPs, SCL, OEP
  • Open Educational Environments: K-12 Homeschooling, Open Universities, Challenge for Credit
  • Open Collaborations
  • Self-Paced Learning
  • Virtual Learning Environments

For Maximizing Collaborations — The Elements of Synergistic Collaboration

  • The Bases in System, Group Process, Synergy, and Collaboration, Theory
  • Optimizing Collaborations with Synergistic Collaboration Process

For Personalization – Interdisciplinary Human Development Field

  • Fields of Knowledge Required
  • Relationship to Socialization, Education, and Job Training
  • Interdisciplinary Collaboration
  • Curriculum Development
  • Teacher Preparation and Faculty Development

For Integrative Consciousness

  • Understanding and Developing the Innate Integrative Consciousness that has been increasing with each generation since the 1970s.
  • Implications for Business, Wellness/Personal Healthcare, and Education K-Adult









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